About Me

Meet the Founder: Laura

I've always had a creative side, and find enjoyment in the process of turning an idea into a reality. As a pediatric nurse, my work days are filled with high acuity situations and little down time.  But they are also filled with a lot of joy, and children that inspire me with their mischievous grins, twinkling eyes, and make-believe worlds. They believe that anything is possible, so when my sister told me I was going to be an auntie, I decided it was the perfect time to take their lead and transform my latest idea into a reality. Petunia&Buster was born (and so was my sister's baby on September 8, 2016!)  

Some people along the way have asked me where the name Petunia&Buster came from. Although I could say I picked it simply because it sounds ridiculously cute, there is also meaning behind it. When I was in nursing school I worked as a part-time nanny for a family that had two young kids, Ava and Jack. Their family possess the qualities and love for one another that I aspire to have for my own family one day. Ava and Jack, lovingly nicknamed Petunia and Buster, are two of the sweetest, well rounded and caring kids (along with their little sister, Ruby) that I am lucky enough to know. 

I hope that you and your littles love the clothes as much as I do!

xo Laura

My beautiful baby niece, Eden

Photo courtesy of TLMacdonald